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A message from Tom Wemett, the Founder/Manager/Broker of Record for Homebuyer Advisors LLC:  “We are looking for individuals and couples to join us in our quest to protect and advocate for first-time homebuyers in their pursuit of owning their own home.”

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The position is commission only and best done as a part-time endeavor initially with the potential of becoming a full-time career later on.  If you are a stay-at-home parent looking for a way to genuinely help others that has flexible hours, please consider this position.



I have 45+ years of full-time experience in the real estate industry with 25+ years representing homebuyers only.  I can teach you how to help people improve their credit, get pre-approved for a mortgage, find a home, write a purchase offer, negotiate for the best price and terms for the homebuyer and follow-through with a successful closing.

I think the ideal team member is someone who has recently bought their own home or is contemplating a purchase in the near future.  You will need to obtain a real estate license and I actually prefer someone who doesn’t have a license currently.  The traditional real estate industry teaches you how to sell.  It requires you to knock on doors, call expired listings, call for sale by owners, take floor duty, and a host of other less desirable actions.  We do none of that.  Our approach is not a get-rich quick scheme.  It is a deliberate long-term effort to build relationships within the community you live, to find a charitable cause to support, to provide counseling and information freely to first-time homebuyers so that long-term they will buy through you and in turn earn you compensation.

This is not about selling.  We are consultants, advising and counseling homebuyers.  xconsultant.jpg.pagespeed.ic.2J3rBK0Fy_It is about providing a service and building long-term relationships.  By becoming known in your community for something other than real estate your real estate business will actually flourish long-term.  The goal is for people to get to know you and trust you before seeking you out and wanting to work with you.  It is possible.  It goes against the typical real estate business approach and will set you apart.  If you want to just sell real estate join one of the local traditional firms.  If you want something that is at a higher ethical and professional level, check us out.

We are licensed in three states:  Massachusetts, Florida and New York.  We are interested in hiring associates anywhere in these three states.  We will work with you to develop a strategy and plan.  We will train you and direct you to where you can get more information to help you be the best you can be at helping first-time homebuyers attain their dream of home ownership.

Check out the rest of this website and the blog posts.  My vision is have team members throughout all three states helping first-time homebuyers in all communities achieve home ownership and being legally protected and advocated for in the process.  The traditional real estate industry either can’t do that or is unwilling to do that due to greed and their pursuit of the double-dip, in-house commission. no-dual-agency They either can’t or aren’t willing to provide true, ethical and legal representation to buyers.  That is all we do.  We won’t compromise our faithful duty to protecting homebuyer’s best interests at all times and in every situation.  In order to do that we never take listings or represent sellers in any manner and we never operate as dual or designated agents.  If we know someone who has a home to sell we will refer it out to an ethical, professional listing agent.

Thanks for listening.  Please email me or call me to discuss further if you have an interest.  Tom Wemett – 800-383-8322.

NAEBAlogoWeblargeWe are proud members of NAEBA, the National Association of Exclusive Buyer Agents, and we adhere to their strict Code of Ethics.  Tom Wemett is a founding member of NAEBA, the NAEBA National President in 2003 and current Board of Director’s Member.